Freezone Warehouse Construction

In the last decades, steel buildings became the predominant structural frame for the new warehouse projects all around the world.

The main reasons why warehouses are made of steel structure are:

  • Clear Span: Most logistics centres, distribution centres, and warehouses require uninterrupted space to store the wares. Steel frame enables to go up to 50 meters without any interior columns which makes it ideal for the contractors. Also the space between the consecutive columns can go up to 12 meters.
Wide Span Warehouse

Figure 1: Wide Span Warehouse

  • Wide Structures: Novelty Steel prefab steel buildings do not have a width limit with additional columns.
  • Limitless Length: Our buildings do not have any length limitation
  • Flexible Space: With clear span designs, the building’s interior easily adapts to sectioning as inventory changes.
  • Building Height: Novelty Steel offers standard steel buildings up to 8 meters height. We offer bespoke solutions for buildings more than 8 meters and multi-floor buildings. Whatever height is required, steel offers great flexibility and cost advantage compared to concrete and timber structures.
  • Low Material Costs: Prefab warehouses have low cost per square meter compared to other forms of construction making it the ideal choice for the builders.
Modern Warehouse

Figure 2: Modern Warehouse

  • Fast Construction: Steel’s extraordinary strength means it is possible to construct a highly stable structure with few pieces. Every piece of the framing is factory-built to exact specifications under strict quality control procedures. Parts arrive at the site clearly marked and ready to assemble with special connection details. The ready fabricated parts are very easy to be bolted to form the structure in a very short time.
  • Minimal Maintenance: A steel warehouse building needs little upkeep.
  • Easy Modification: Steel buildings are incredibly versatile— inside and out. Any extension and modification to the building is very easy compared to the concrete or timber buildings. A selection of wide options are available for the exterior finishing such as insulated panels, aluminium panels, composite panels, glass, brick, stone or etc.
Warehouse canopy

Figure 3: Warehouse canopy

  • Durability: Novelty Steel prefabricated buildings retain their beauty and value year after year. A well painted steel system will last long without any corrosion or rust.
  • Environment Friendly: Steel is high recyclable material with very low carbon footprint.

Novelty Steel not only produces steel warehouses but also offers free consultancy services to configure the ideal building for your budget.

Modern Warehouse

Figure 4: Modern Warehouse-2