Steel fabrications are widely used in the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure and the manufacturing of railway rolling stock. Most frequent applications are; rail components, bridges and overpasses, railway stations, rolling stock, signalling and overhead equipment. 

1. Rail Components:

Various steel fabrications are used in the construction and maintenance of railway tracks, including rail ties, switch plates, and rail brackets. These components are essential for ensuring the stability and alignment of the tracks.

2. Railway Bridges and Viaducts: 

Steel is a common material for constructing railway bridges and viaducts due to its strength to weight ratio. Steel trusses and girders provide the necessary strength and durability to support heavy train loads and span gaps.

3. Railway Stations: 

The structural components of the railway stations such as columns, beams are made often made of steel fabrications. Moreover, for aesthetic platform canopies, architectural steelworks provides modern look. 

4. Rolling Stock:

Railway rolling stock refers to the different vehicles that are running on the railroad system. The fabrication of railway rolling stock, including locomotives, passenger cars, and freight cars and maintenance cars involves numerous steel components. These components ensure the structural integrity, safety, and performance of the rail vehicles.

5. Signalling and Overhead Equipment: 

Steel fabrications are used in the construction of signalling systems and overhead equipment, such as gantries, masts, and cantilevers, to support electrical and signalling infrastructure along the tracks.

6. Maintenance Equipment: 

Maintenance of rail infrastructure requires specialized equipment, including steel-based machinery, cranes, and platforms for track inspection and repair.

7. What is Novelty Steel offering?

Novelty Steel is an experienced contractor offering various steel fabrications for railway industry.

With vast CNC Machinery Park and experienced engineering team, Novelty Steel produces bespoke steel frames according to the EN 1090-2 European Norms.

Some examples of the fabrications are:

  • Piling Solutions
  • Signalling Gantries 
  • Bespoke Rail Structures
  • Bridgework
  • Masts
  • Gantries
  • Cantilevers
  • Canopies

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