tunnel formwork manufacturing

Tunnel Formwork Fabrications

Tunnel formworks are used for the secondary lining works of tunnel constructions. Unlike traditional formworks, tunnel formworks are complicated structures with hydraulic and electrical components working in coordination to provide a fast and accurate concrete finish.

Novelty Steel has been involved in various formwork projects for Worlds leading construction companies and formwork contractors. Novelty Steel possesses required skill and equipment set to obtain tight tolerance in the fabrication of tunnel formworks.

Novelty Steel offers;

  • Tunnel Formwork and Gantry Fabrication
  • Fabrication of the formwork accessories such as stairs, handrails, aluminium platforms
  • Pre Assembly of the tunnel formwork
  • Pre Assembly of the hydraulic equipment
  • Painting of the formwork

Tunnel Formwork and Equipment exported countries;

United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Israel

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