A silo is a vertical steel structure for storing bulk materials. Silos are used to store grain, coal, food products, chemicals and similar bulk materials.
1. What is a Steel Silo?

Bulk storage silos made of steel are the perfect solution to store the dry bulk material for a long time. The cylindrical shape and the conical bottom allow a complete discharge of the product.

2. What are the types of Steel Silos?
  • Flat Bottom Silos

The flat bottom silo has a flat service which means it can gives a full support to the silo. This type of silo is used for both short-term and long-term storage of free flowing bulk materials. 

  • Hopper Silos

They are used for the short or /medium term storage of free flowing materials. Compared to flat bottom silos, hopper silos have capacity shortcomings.

3. What are their advantages?
  • Being vertical and very tall structures as compared to other storage options, silos occupy considerable smaller land footprint.
  • Collecting and transporting the material to and from a silo is easier. It is a more efficient and cost effective compared to other alternatives.
  • Steel silos lasts several decades bringing down the effective costs of ownership with limited maintenance requirement over the lifespan of the structure.
4. What is Novelty Steel offering?

Novelty Steel is an experienced fabricator of structural steel frames for many industries including construction, mining, energy, machinery.

With vast CNC Machinery Park and experienced engineering team, Novelty Steel produces bespoke steel frames according to the EN 1090-2 European Norms.

Some examples of the fabrications are:

  • Steel frames of single or multi-level buildings
  • Steel Construction of hangar buildings
  • Steel Bridge and Overpass fabrication

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