Process skids are workshop assembled, modular units containing a process system or part of a process system that are used in various industries.

1. Design of Process Skids

  • Customization: Skids are designed to meet specific needs of different industrial processes.
  • Modularity: Process skids have a compact design to allow them to easily transport to the site and quick installation. Also it allows to produce them in a workshop environment providing better quality control and fast fabrication.
  • Component integration: Various piping components like piping, pumps, instruments, and controls are integrated into a single compact unit.

2. Advantages of Process Skids

  • Fast Installation Time: Pre-assembled process skids require very short installation time compared to conventional methods.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Modular skids are fabricated in a controlled factory environment in a fast and uninterrupted manner. This will make them quiet cost competitive compared to traditional on-site construction.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Skids offer flexibility in terms of expansion and adaptability to changing process requirements.
  • Improved Safety and Quality: The controlled fabrication environment that significantly enhances safety and quality.

3. Applications of Process Skids

  • Oil and Gas Industry: They are used in processes like oil refining, gas processing, and chemical injections.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Process skids are operated in the production of pharmaceuticals, where cleanliness and precision are paramount.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Modular skids are used in processing and packaging operations.
  • Water Treatment: Process skids are used in water purification and wastewater treatment processes.
  • Chemicals: Piping skids are used in dosing applications.

Novelty Steel offers process skids fabrication for clients in various sectors. Some reference work are;

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