Where is your factory and how do you ship?2023-02-04T19:07:26+00:00

Our factories are located in Turkey. We both use sea and land freight for the delivery of our products. 

What kind of coating are you applying to the steel?2023-02-21T13:26:06+00:00

We have various painting options based on the customer preferences and site environment. We also work with 3rd party galvanizers to offer hot dip galvanization. 

I already have steel project, can you fabricate it?2023-02-04T19:06:47+00:00

We have in-house design engineers but we also manufacture based on client drawings. Just send us your project and let us work on a quotation.

What kind of quality certification you have?2023-02-22T11:35:08+00:00

Novelty Steel complies with European quality standards and certifies with EN 1090-2 standard. All the welders possess EN ISO 9606 Welding Certificate. All our fabrications are marked with CE mark.

What kind of technology do you use in the production?2023-02-04T19:06:07+00:00

Novelty Steel is equipped with various CNC machinery to automatize the fabrication process and deliver high quality. We have in-house fiber lasers, shear cutters, plate rollers, bending machines, steel profile drilling lines, shot blasting lines, mig/mag welding machines, airless painting machinery and various other equipment.

What is the difference between metal and structural steel fabrication?2023-02-21T13:28:29+00:00

Although these two expressions are mostly used to define metal works, structural steel fabrication is usually referred to fabrications made out of structural steel sections whereas metal fabrication is used for the fabrication works of sheet metal.

What kind of metals do you use in your fabrications?2023-02-21T13:29:36+00:00

Novelty Steel gained experience in using carbon steel (mild steel), hardox steel, stainless steel and aluminium in its fabrications.

What are the lead times?2023-02-04T19:04:40+00:00

The length of time to steel fabrication is dependent entirely on the project size, project requirements and client preferences. Our close proximity to steel mills is a great advantage to offer short lead times.

Do you provide design services?2023-02-21T13:30:58+00:00

We have experienced in house engineers to assist you in your design phase. We generally do not charge for consultation and steel detailing prior to the fabrication. Early consulting to our engineers may prevent any design mistakes which may cost time and money later

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