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Novelty Steel fabricates Boiler Economizers to reduce the energy consumption of the Boilers and increase Efficiency.

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A boiler economizer serves as a mechanical device to reduce energy consumption. It operates as a heat exchanger to improve energy efficiency by capturing energy from fluid streams that are hot but not sufficiently hot for direct use in a boiler. The economizer improves the efficiency of steam boilers by recovering this wasted energy,

After steam production, flue gas exits the system. Despite steam generation, some heat energy remains in the flue gas as it is expelled into the atmosphere. If this residual heat energy is not utilized, it is lost. The function of a boiler economizer is to capture a portion of this remaining heat energy from the flue gas to heat up the incoming water (feed water) supplied to the boiler. By transferring heat energy to the water before it enters the boiler, the economizer optimizes fuel requirements for steam production. Consequently, this device is referred to as an economizer due to its ability to economize fuel usage in the steam generation process.

The reduction in stack temperature achieved by the economizer leads to an efficiency improvement of up to 10%.

Advantages of Economizers

  • Extended Heat Transfer Surface: Economizers are cost-effective because they use extended heat transfer surface. Unlike a bare tube in the boiler, an economizer has a coil attached to the outside of the tube, increasing surface area and heat transfer efficiency with minimal space and tubing increase.
  • Steady State Efficiency Improvement: Even a boiler with lower steady-state efficiency or a higher stack temperature can enhance its efficiency by adding an economizer. This allows it to achieve better efficiency than a unit with multiple passes and a higher heat transfer surface per boiler HP.
  • Dynamic Efficiency and Space Efficiency: Economizers not only contribute to good steady-state efficiency but also improve dynamic efficiency. Additionally, they have a smaller space requirement compared to boilers with multiple passes.

Downsides of Economizers

  • Limited Lifespan: Economizers may not last as long as traditional boilers. They are susceptible to cold end corrosion and plugging.
  • Corrosion Risk: Due to their operation with cooler feedwater, economizers are more at risk for condensation-related corrosion.


In summary, while economizers offer significant efficiency improvements and cost-effectiveness, they also come with several downsides. The decision to use an economizer should consider these factors along with the specific requirements of the boiler system.

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