Novelty Structures offer a wide variety of aluminium truss components and systems. Whether you need a single piece of box truss or a complete ground support system, we have solutions available from our extensive product lines. 

1. Introduction

Safety is a top priority for Novelty Structures, and all truss systems undergo testing and certification to ensure they meet load rating and safety standards. If you’re unsure about your needs, please drop us an email for detailed assistance or learn more about the truss components and systems.

All of our connection fittings are constructed with conical and single –pin connections that are used worldwide and provide the systems to integrate in accordance with these standards.

The alloy is 6082-T6.

2. Ladder Truss

Ladder Truss consists of two main chords connected by diagonal braces and can be straight or curved horizontally or vertically. It forms a structure using interconnected triangles and can be extended with standard conical pins, spigots, and clips. While flat truss is strong, it’s best suited for shorter runs and lower suspended loads. Custom lengths, angles, and radials are available upon request.

3. Triangular Truss 

Triangular truss, or ‘Tri-Truss,’ consists of three main chords connected by triangular braces, making it stronger and more resistant to lateral loads compared to flat truss. It is ideal for suspending loads with the apex pointing downward. Triangular truss offers a good balance between price and performance. However, it’s important to ensure all components have the same rotational alignment when joining them for larger structures.

Both pinned and conical connection is available. We also provide radial/curved sections, various junctions, and connectors. These truss sections can be attached to base plates to create self-supported truss towers or “totems” for mounting lighting effects. 

Custom lengths, angles, and radials are available upon request.

4. Square Truss / Box Truss

Square truss, also known as box truss, consists of four chords arranged in a square or rectangular box shape. Like other truss systems, it has triangular bracing between the chords, creating an interconnected structure that offers higher load-bearing capabilities compared to triangular truss of similar size.

Fully square box truss, with the same dimensions on all four sides, can be used in any rotation across 90-degree planes. 

Radial/curved sections, various junctions, and connectors are available, and these sections can be attached to base plates to create self-supported truss towers for mounting lighting effects at height.

Custom lengths, angles, and radials are available upon request with sufficient lead time.

5. Truss Clamps & Accessories

Novelty Steel offers a range of accessories designed to complement their trusses and enhance the assembly and setup of truss constructions. These accessories are developed to maximize the potential of the truss systems. They adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

These accessories are designed to provide additional functionality and flexibility when using trusses, offering various possibilities for your truss setups.

Novelty Structures supplies aluminium trusses for various applications.